When I joined Salonized in 2018 my first goal was to completely refresh the brand identity. The brand had become dull and out-dated with its grey colour profile and uninspiring visual language.

In less than two months we expanded our ideas into an extensive brand system. We hired an in-house illustrator for that extra touch of authenticity. The brand was transformed into a lively, unique and cheerful identity. Colourful and optimistic like the people and culture of Salonized.

Type — Logo Design, Brand Identity
Company — Salonized
Role — Head of Design, Art Director
Result —  A Brand system that is inspired by our customers, in-house illustrations and iconography, expressive typography, visual storytelling
Logo design
The new logo mark has smooth curves and a geometrical but warm vibe. The mark is created out of two identical shapes intertwined to form an S with a subliminal S in the negative space.
The word mark is a custom made geometrical typeface with subtle rounded corners that complement the style of the icon

Time-lapse of various logo concepts

Testing various colour schemes and word marks on paper

Illustrations are custom made by our in-house illustrator

Every feature has its own colour palette and artwork

Website design

The home page of salonized.com

A one-page concept for the features section

Printed media

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