Salonized is a scale-up based in Amsterdam with a popular app for salons, barbers and beauty specialists. Their web-based app, used by more than 6000 active users, had become cluttered and inconsistent in the 5 years of its ongoing development. It was also a desktop-first design which didn't meet the modern needs of our mobile users.

As Head of Design it was my goal was to completely redesign the app's user experience as well as creating a modern and scalable UI. The biggest focus was the optimisation for mobile use. It required us to think differently about the context in which our clients use the app. 

This was a challenging project because Salonized has a very active user base who don't like change. And change was needed badly. So we introduced a gradual approach to introducing the new design. The first step was a visual overhaul. Using an extensive Design System we redesigned every individual UI element, component and structure with a focus on mobile use. With this new visual framework we would then, update the app's UX progressively, one feature at a time.

Type — Product design, Product strategy, App design, Research
Company — Salonized
Role — Head of Design
Year — 2019
A new mobile experience
UI design for tablets

The schedule in week view with improved colour coding and a decluttered, less noisy grid

The (new!) month view highlighting busy or quiet days, availability of employees and reminders/notes


Tablet version of the checkout flow using an appointment as starting point


Concept design for a simplified flow for creating new appointments on a tablet device

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